These things belong to you.

If I were to ask you to write down on paper every asset that you have, what would you write?  Would your house be on there?  What about your car?  What about your business?  What about your spouse, or children?  No matter what you write down as your assets, you are basically and plainly stating that these things belong to you.  You are making a proclamation that you have full ownership rights to these certain things.

The same way goes for you as being a child of the Most High God.  There are certain things that belong to you and it is VITAL for you to know what belongs to you.  Here is the great news about it; these things belong to you because you are in Christ Jesus (1 Corinthians 3:21).  They have literally and truthfully been given to you for free.  You will never have to pay anyone back for these things.  You will never have to work or earn, these things that now belong to you.  Sounds almost too good to be true, does it not?  Let me elaborate!

First and foremost, what belongs to you right now, is your spiritual eternity with God Almighty (1 John 2:25). You are eternal.  This privilege rightfully belongs to you.  Health belongs to you (Jeremiah 30:17).  Wealth and riches belongs to you (Psalm 112:3).  A long life belongs to you (Psalm 91:16).  A successful marriage belongs to you (Genesis 2:24).  Divine family relations with your children belongs to you (Exodus 20:12).  Divine business success belongs to you (Isaiah 48:17).  Divine financial success belongs to you (Deuteronomy 30:5).

Now please, hear me out;  I am not telling you that these things belong to because you have done a certain good deed, or you have graduated from a certain university, or even because you have prayed for a certain amount of hours.  No, no! these things don’t belong to you because you have done those certain things, but these things belong to you because of the certain things that Jesus has done.

It is all about the perfect obedience of Jesus Christ.  This is the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Grace is UNMERITED, UNEARNED and UNDESERVED.  It is nothing that we have done, but it is everything that He(Jesus) has done.

So, these things belong to us because for one reason and for one reason alone; and it is because of the Man Jesus.

So, you can approach life in the manner of knowing that you didn’t deserve these things or even work for these things and just continually say to God, ” Lord, thank you for every good thing that I don’t deserve, but because of Your precious grace, I believe that you have given them to me FREELY and I believe I receive them in Jesus Name.”

This is THE GOSPEL TRUTH!  It is BIBLE! It is the very Word of God Himself stating these things.  In other words, these things rightfully belong to you because God said so.   I want you to grab hold of these things.  You grab hold of your health.  You grab hold of your peace.  You grab hold of your wealth.  These things belong to you not because of all the planning and goals that you have set, or because you are so organized, disciplined and calculated; no, they belong to you because of another Man- Jesus Christ.

Please be advised, once again, this may be a different teaching than you are accustomed to.  It is okay, this will take a little time to believe because we are so accustomed to thinking that the only way something belongs to us, is if you or I do something to deserve it.  This could not be further from the truth.  You see, in the Kingdom of God system, nothing that you have done or not done, qualifies you to deserve anything, but it is because of what Jesus did that FREELY qualifies us to receive EVERYTHING!

I implore you to always remember, that it is nothing that you have done good or bad that causes these things and more to belong to you, but it is because of everything that Jesus did that was good, that causes and makes these things belong to YOU!  Now, take it, receive it, grab hold of it and believe it.


The grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ belongs to you.



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