Book of the Month – Destined to Reign Ch. 7

Chapter 7: The Gospel that Paul preached.

  • Eradicate the idea that forgiveness of sins is a basic teaching.
  • So many believers miss it and are defeated by their lack of understanding their forgiveness.
  • The power of the Gospel is to live each waking moment having the confidence that all your sins have been forgiven.
  • Contrast that with living with a perpetual sense of guilt and condemnation that comes with thinking that when you sin, fellowship with God is broken.

Chapter 7: What did Paul preach?

  • The power of the Gospel that Paul preached is found in the forgiveness of all your sins for everyone who believes.  Stated in Acts 13:38-39.
  • The old covenant was based on justification by works, but the new covenant of grace is based entirely on justification by faith (believing in Jesus Christ).
  • The demand is no longer on you, but on Christ.
  • All who believe in Jesus receive the forgiveness of all their sins and are justified from all things.

Chapter 7: The Gospel imparts faith.

  • The more revelation you get of His finished work, the more you will receive an impartation of faith for any situation, even the seemingly impossible ones.

Chapter 7: Persecution against The Gospel of Grace.

  • The Pharisees opposed Jesus’ grace.
  • Legalism blinds people.
  • Legalistic people have eyes that do not see and ears that do not hear.
  • In contrast, those who acknowledge that they were helpless sinners ( the prostitutes, corrupt tax collectors, uncouth fishermen and social outcasts ), did not know the law as the Pharisees did, but they received and welcomed Jesus with joy.
  • Jesus did not come to bring us laws and more laws.  He came to bring us abundant life through His grace.
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