About Us

Terrance and Stacey SterlingSterling828 was created by Terrance and Stacey Sterling and their main MO was to relate with people who have been through, and maybe are still going through, hard and difficult times in life.  Being through marriages that just didn’t work; not to mention children that need to be loved and taken care of, and on top of that, being an interracial couple in a small town; the Sterlings’ have had their share of hard and difficult times.

On a personal note, Terrance and Stacey reside in Cape Girardeau, MO and have 8 beautiful children ranging from ages 26 to 1.  Terrance is a Cape Girardeau native.  He played division I-AA football for Southeast Missouri University and went on to coach for several years.  He has been in the personal training industry for the past 23 years.  Stacey has been in the graphic design business for 16 years and does marketing for clients around the world.

Terrance and Stacey want Sterling828 to be a hub of motivation and inspiration.  Most importantly, Godly motivation and inspiration.  The Sterlings’ believe that the world is in great need of motivation; especially Godly motivation.  So they want to share with the world their real life applications of staying positive and believing in the good.

The whole premise behind the name Sterling828 is of course the last name is theirs, but the main verse of scripture that has gotten them through these tough times is Romans 8:28

God makes ALL THINGS work together for your good.

The Sterling’s vision is to have Sterling828 to be the GO TO for parents, kids, churches, various organizations and corporations in the practical, every day usages of releasing God’s word in every situation and/or circumstance in life and bringing forth SUCCESS even in the midst of turmoil.