Book of the Month – Destined to Reign Ch. 1

Foreword: Don’t preach grace and add a mixture of the law.  This neutralizes grace. You can’t put NEW wine into OLD wineskins. You can not put grace and law together. People’s lives are radically blessed and transformed when grace is … Read More

Have you simply just asked?

What a simple, and perhaps naive way, to approach situations and circumstances in our lives.  But the simple act of JUST ASKING still holds supreme for the royal children of the Most High God. We go through life with our … Read More

Upcoming Book of the Month – Destined to Reign by Joseph Prince

S828 is excited to announce the official kickoff of our book of the month reading. The book that we will be starting with is DESTINED TO REIGN by Joseph Prince. I guarantee you that this book will revolutionize your thinking … Read More

Be thankful for everything that you can NOT see.

Being thankful for everything that you can not see is definitely not the norm in this world, but it is the norm for the children of the Kingdom of God.  I want to share the scripture in 2 Corinthians 4:18. … Read More

The importance of meditating on God’s word.

Remember when you were starting to fall in love and the love letters that you and your significant other would write back and forth to each other?  Or in these days, it would be a text to one another.  Remember … Read More

Interacting and mingling with the ‘IS NOT’ in your life.

We all have things that we need to exist in our lives. For example, the need to have better health, or the need for more money.  What about the need for a better home, or a reliable form of transportation? … Read More